Brenig 2008 RCSL Flyfishing 2008, Llyn Brenig

The 14th annual flyfishing competition is to be held on Thursday 19th June 2008 at Llyn Brenig near Cerrigydrudion, North Wales.

Check out the latest news, including final results.

The Fishery

Llyn Brenig is a large Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) reservoir set in the Denbigh moors. Completed in 1976, it's at an altitude of 1,235 feet, covers 920 acres and has a 10.5 mile shoreline. It's a regular venue for the Home Internationals.

As the views above show, Llyn Brenig was formed from a drowned valley and accordingly has predominantly a quickly shelving bottom, with deep water within easy reach of the bank. The deep water leads to a comparative paucity of aquatic insect life, with the exception of chironomids and at the shallower top end some sedge. The resident fish rely on terrestrial insects being blown onto the water for succour and this fact has gained Brenig the reputation for free rising fish, so given the right weather conditions, dry flies and buzzer pupa fished just sub-surface can produce good results.

The fishery is operated by Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru). There's a fleet of 46 boats and a modern visitor centre selling tackle and refreshments.

There's also plenty of bank fishing for those who prefer to stick to dry land and there's reasonable access by vehicle to most parts of the lake. Pictures of the banks can be seen here.

There are other fisheries in the area and other things to do at the fisheries. This Welsh Water website has links to guides to fishing and general recreation at their reservoirs.

Maps of the area can be found here.

Latest Reports

Up-to-date news from North Wales fisheries should be available on the Fishing Wales website. The site's currently being reconstructed but is due to be relaunched in June - hopefully before our event..! See this page.

The Event

As in other years, this will be an open competition requiring no qualifying event, for individuals and teams of three from both boat and shore. All entrants will need to be members of RCSL (Revenue & Customs Sports & Leisure). We've provisionally booked all 46 boats.

The match will be fished between 10:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs, all competitors to be at the visitors centre by 09:00 hrs to book in and for the pre-match briefing. The competitions will be as follows:

Best three person team (heaviest combined bag)
Heaviest individual bag from a boat
Heaviest individual bag from the shore
Best boat (heaviest bag for two boat anglers fishing together)
Best individual bag by a lady angler
Heaviest brown trout
Heaviest rainbow trout
Best individual bag by a retired angler
Best individual bag by a novice

Tuition and tackle hire will be available for beginners and improvers. On Wednesday evening, the of 18th of June, from 17.00 hours onwards, we'll be near the boat jetty on Llyn Brenig to hold a short casting clinic for those novices who wish to attend. Several of us will have fished that day and for a small fee, will tell you almost the whole truth about what worked and where.

From about 20.00 hrs onwards, we'll be having an informal get together at the Saracens Head, Cerrigydrudion, when the current Welsh Flyfishing coach and past captain, George Barron, will be in attendance. George will give a short and again informal presentation on: tactics, flies, leaders where to fish etc. He'll also be fishing with us on the Thursday.

Please email Ron Woodland as soon as possible, if you need to borrow tackle.

Breakfast and/or packed lunches will be available at the lodge. Advance orders will be needed and anyone wanting this should let Ron or Aled know as soon as possible and no later than 6th June.

There'll be a buffet / get together after the event in the Saracen's Head, Cerrigydrudion. The buffet will cost 10 per head. Anyone wanting a veggie option should let Aled or Ron know as soon as possible and no later than 6th June.


Please use the entry form provided here. If you have difficulty printing it, save it to your computer first and then open it and print it from there.

If we have more than 92 entries for boat fishing, it will need to be first come first served...

There will be no entry fee this year - the fishery costs will be paid centrally, avoiding the need for the organisers to obtain payment from entrants and for entrants to recover the fee as part of their expenses claim from their Region. Please bear in mind, however, that the fishery operators require a 20 deposit per boat by 1st March and will expect to be paid in full for boats which are booked but not used. The Angling Committee has therefore indicated that entrants who book boats should be prepared to pay the cost, if they fail to attend. If we are over-subscribed, it would be unfortunate if members missed out because of earlier entrants not turning up.

We'd like to build up a comprehensive mailing list asap so, even if you aren't submitting an entry, please let us have email addresses for anyone that you think might be interested. And spread the word as widely as possible. We want this event to be the biggest yet..!

If anyone has a preference as to their boat partner (or a reluctance to fish with a particular person), please let us know. All communications will be dealt with discreetly.

Boat pairings currently proposed can be found here. We've tried to ensure that there's an experienced boat handler in each boat. Please be sure to let us know, if we've got this wrong.

The Rules

There's a six fish limit on Brenig and a maximum of two brown trout to be taken. Bonus points will be added at the rate of two lbs per hour for anyone lucky enough to bag up before the end of the competition, a fellow competitor to note the time when the sixth fish was taken.

The full fishery rules are here.

Environment Agency rod licences are required, of course. These can be obtained online here.

Health and Safety

Whilst not wishing to teach grannies to suck eggs, we feel obliged to offer some health and safety advice here.

Accommodation etc

There are two hotels and a limited amount of accommodation in the form of B&B or self catering around the village of Cerrigydrudion which is about 5 miles from the reservoir. There's far more in Bala and Denbigh but these are fifteen and eleven miles respectively from Brenig. The web sites shown below will give you some ideas but we aren't able to vouch for the places listed. Google will give you plenty more.

White Lion
Saracen's Head
Visit Wales
North Wales Tourism
Accommodation Wales
Tourist Net UK
4 Hotels
North Wales Camping
The Bunkhouse

Why not book a cottage, make a week of it and bring the family..? There really is plenty to see and do in North Wales.


The event this year will be organised by Aled Daniels and Ron Woodland. Ron's retired so please correspond with Aled normally - especially for entries and payment. Ron will concentrate on organising the fishing. Contact details below.

Aled Daniels or
Phone (work) - 01267 244077
Address - HM Revenue & Customs, Carmarthen National Registration Unit, Ty Myrddin, Old Station Road, Carmarthen, SA31 1BT

Ron Woodland
Phone (home) - 01554 820477
Mobile - 07922 165697

Previous Years

In the coming weeks we hope to create an archive of material from past years - venue, results, photos, etc. Please help by sending anything we could use to Phil Jones

2007 Bewl Water, England - 22 fish by 44 rods. 1st Team: Wales (Nogood Boyos) 10lb.1oz; 2nd Team: N. Ireland (Melvin Marvels) 8lbs.1oz; 3rd Team: London Law Enforcers 7lb.8oz.

2006 Lake of Menteith, Scotland - 53 fish by 64 rods. 1st Team: RCSL Scotland 40lb.1oz; 2nd Team: London Law Enforcers 24lb.8oz; 3rd Team: Wales B 14lb.12oz.

2005 Bewl Water, England - 61 fish by 43 rods. 1st Team: RCSL Scotland 27lb.11oz; 2nd Team: N. Ireland Too 20lb.15oz; 3rd Team: London Law Enforcers 15lb.13oz.

2004 Llyn Brenig, Wales - 118 fish by 60 rods. 1st Team: N.I.S. London Law Enforcers 44lb.11oz; 2nd Team: N. Ireland (Cats Whiskers) 42lb.14oz; 3rd Team: Scotland N.E. (Craftye Fishermen) 26lb.5oz.

2003 Lough Mask, Eire - 18 fish by 60 rods. 1st Team: N. Ireland (Cats Whiskers) 7lb.6oz; 2nd Team: Wales (Diawlwch Fawr) 4lb.7oz; 3rd Team: N.Ireland (Champions) 3lb.9oz.

2002 Rutland Water, England - 124 fish by 66 rods. 1st Team: Ireland (Indispensibles) 25lb.1oz; 2nd Team: Ireland (The Dabblers) 20lb.12oz; 3rd Team: VAT Whiskers - 20lb.1oz.

2001 Bewl Water, England - 148 fish by 88 rods. 1st Team: N.I.S. Ipswich 54lb.6oz; 2nd Team: London Law Enforcers 20lb.8oz; 3rd Team: S.E. England 20lb.2oz.

2000 Loch Leven, Scotland - 70 fish by 68 rods. 1st Team: Ireland (Indispensibles) 32lb.5oz; 2nd Team: N.I.S.1 16lb.12oz; 3rd Team: Ireland (Hardys Favourites) 16lb.9oz.

1999 Lough Melvin, Northern Ireland - ? fish by ? rods. 1st Team: Scotland N.E.; 2ndTeam: ?; 3rd Team: ?

1998 Bewl Water, England - 119 fish by 76 rods. 1st Team: N. Ireland (Goats Toes) 30lb.15oz; 2nd Team: N. Ireland (Wooly Buggers) 25lb.0oz; 3rd Team: S.E. England 20lb.6oz.

1997 Rutland Water, England - 256 fish by 59 rods. 1st Team: N.I.S. 1 - 49lb.13oz; 2nd Team: Dundee.- 44lb.8oz; 3rd Team: Scotland N.E. - 37lb.6oz.

1996 Loch Fad, Scotland - >100 fish by 60 rods. 1st Team: Scotland N.E. 19lb.9oz; 2nd Team: Wales West @ Borders 18lb.4oz; 3rd Team: London Central ??

1995 Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales - 50 fish by 33 rods. 1st Team: Birmingham 22lb; 2nd Team: London Airports 15lb.3oz; 3rd Team: Scotland N.E. 14lb.13oz

Venue and date uncertain

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