The following general regulations apply to ALED, ALWEN and BRENIG fisheries.


1.       PERMITS: No angler may start fishing without first having obtained a permit and paid the correct fee. Permits are not transferable. Permits are available at the following addresses:

Brenig, Alwen & Aled: Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre, Cerrigydrudion, Corwen. Tel:(01490) 420463.

Permits are also available from machines at Llyn Brenig. The permit machines take 10p, 20p, 50p, 1 & 2 coins. No change is given.

2.       ROD LICENCES: A fishing permit is not valid unless the holder has an appropriate Environment Agency Rod Licence. Licences are available from Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre or most Post Offices.

3.       TACKLE SHOP OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday 8am - 4pm. After 4pm, you may purchase permits from Car Park Machines.

4.       FISHING SEASON: Alwen & Brenig: March 17th October 28th. Llyn Aled: No close season for coarse fish

5.       FISHING TIMES: Brenig, Aled & Alwen: 08.00am - 1hr after sunset.

6.       CATCH / SIZE LIMIT: Six fish over 12" at Brenig including a maximum of 2 Brown Trout. (Undersized Rainbows maybe retained at Brenig and do not contribute to the bag limit) At all other sites the bag limit is six fish and the size limit is 10inches.

7.       RELEASING FISH: Fly caught fish may be released with minimal or no handling but fishing must cease when your limit is complete. The release of takeable trout caught on spinner or worm is not permitted.

8.       CATCH RETURNS: At Llyn Brenig every angler, including season permit holders, must submit an accurate record of his/her catch after each visit and before leaving the reservoir. Nil returns are also required. Catch return boxes are provided for this purpose.


Brenig: Fishing is only allowed by means of artificial fly or dapped natural insect.

Alwen: Fishing is only allowed by means of artificial fly, spinning and single natural worm. No other bait may be taken to the lakeside.

Aled: All legal coarse fishing methods except live baiting.

10.    NUMBER of RODS: Fishing by means of only one rod and line is permitted. Only one rod and line may be assembled at Alwen.

11.    LEAD BAN: The use of lead weights larger than 0.06g (No 8 shot) and less than 28.35g (1oz) is prohibited. This does not include lead incorporated into fly dressings.

12.    HOOKS: Treble hooks are only permitted for spinning at Alwen & Aled fisheries.

13.    GROUND BAIT: The use of ground bait and swimfeeders is prohibited except at Llyn Aled.

14.    FISHING ZONES: See maps located at each fishery. Fishing from Jetties is not permitted.

15.    WADING: Anglers are warned that wading can be dangerous. Wading deeper than thigh depth is prohibited.

16.    FLOAT TUBES: Float tubes are permitted in a designated area of Llyn Brenig.

17.    TOILET FACILITIES: The primary purpose of each reservoir is for water supply. Where provided, anglers should ensure that toilet facilities are used for all sanitary purposes.

18.    LITTER: Anglers are requested to take their litter home or use litter bins where provided. Nylon monofilament is dangerous to wildlife and must not be discarded.

19.    FISH CLEANING: In order to prevent the transmission of fish disease, anglers are requested not to clean fish at the lakeside. At the Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre a fish cleaning room is provided.

20.    RADIOS & TELEVISIONS: The use of portable radios, televisions or tape recorders is prohibited.

21.    DOGS: Aled, Brenig and Alwen - Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

22.    FIRES: No fires are permitted.


23.    FISHING ZONES: Boats must not approach within 100 yards of the darn, quarry or draw-off tower. Fishing in the Nature Reserve and the buoyed off areas around the Brenig fish cages is prohibited.

24.    COURTESY: Bank anglers may not commence fishing in the line of a boat already finishing a drift. Boat anglers may not approach within 40 yards of a fishing boat or a bank angler who is already fishing. Boats under power shall give way to sailing craft.

25.    SINGLE ANGLERS may he refused boats if the Duty Ranger considers weather conditions unsuitable.

26.    TROLLING: Defined as the pulling of a fly or lure behind a boat under power of either oars or engine, is prohibited at all times.

27.    SAFETY: Anglers are warned that it is unsafe to stand in the boats while fishing. Waders must not be worn in the fishing boats. Buoyancy aids or life jackets must be worn at all times. Where anglers opt to wear their own persona! buoyancy aid or life jacket they must have a minimum buoyancy of 65 newtons. Boats will be withdrawn if in the opinion of the Duty Ranger, weather conditions are unsuitable.

28.    RECALL: All boats must return to the Jetty immediately when the recall hooter is sounded or on a specific request from the Ranger-.

29.    RETURN OF BOATS: All boats must be returned to the mooring paint and properly secured at, or before the designated time. Failure to return by the stated time may result in anglers not being allowed to hire boats on future occasions. Buoyancy Aids must be returned to the store.

30.    MOORING: Fishing boats must not be moored to any buoys or other structures within the Reservoir.

31.    LANDING: Anglers may only land at the boat jetty or the beach by the Archaeological Toilet Block. Landing is not permitted on any other share.

32. EXCLUSION: Fishing is prohibited from all craft other than the Company's fishing boats.


Action will be taken against any person causing damage to trees, banks, or any other part of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's property, throwing anything into the water; leaving litter, or behaving in a manner considered to be prejudicial to the preservation of amenities and the conservation of wildlife. Any angler committing an offence under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975, the bye-laws made under the Act, or contravening the rules and regulations relating to the fishery, are liable to prosecution, or may, at the discretion of the Manager, be barred from fishing the reservoir or any other waters owned by the Company. Where such bans are made, no refund will be given.


Dwr Cymru Welsh Water must reserve the right to close all or part of the reservoir to anglers at any time without giving prior notice to permit holders. Anglers should note that certain areas of the reservoir may be closed to fishing at times when other sporting events are in progress.



Anglers entering the property of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water for the purposes authorised by the fishing permit, do so at their own risk. Anglers must indemnify the Company in respect of death, injury or damage to the property of another person for which they may be legally liable.


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